Illustration Friday - Jungle
30th of July

Illustration Friday's theme this week is "Jungle" and I thought I'd get involved. I decided to break from my usual cute (and maybe a little creepy) creatures and go for something a little more abstract. Though still very colourful of course, I couldn't do otherwise for this theme.


Have a lovely week!

- Brie

August Calendar
22nd of July

August is my favourite month, I love scarves, gloves, rainbow umbrellas and snuggling up under the blankets (preferably with a cup of tea) when it's pouring outside. But I'll be honest, I also love that it's my birthday. So, to celebrate I thought I'd share an A4 calendar page to pop on your wall. Download it here.

August Calendar Page

Hopefully it makes your winter a little more colourful, enjoy!

See you again!

- Brie

Self Portrait
18th of July

I decided recently that my social profile imagery needed a bit of a revamp, so I created a quick little self portrait that fits with the branding of my website. It's nice when everything just works together, don't you think? Also, it's been a while since I've been wearing contact lenses regularly, so I thought my glasses should maybe feature.

My new look

In other news it was my partner's birthday recently and he requested the cake from the game Portal. So here it is in all it's geeky goodness. It was four cakes on top of each other, so it's still floating around in our fridge. No complaints though, it's delicious - Thank you Donna Hay!

The cake is not a lie

That's it from me for now, see you soon!

- Brie

Cryptic Cocktails
27th of April

I'm working on a personal project at the moment that I'm pretty excited about. I'm yet to print them (so it won't be appearing in the folio quite yet), but I just wanted to share one of them today. I've titled the series Cryptic Cocktails and they're little infographics on how to make various cocktails.

Cocktail making is something I've really been getting in to lately and one of the things I love most is the sense of ritual (Martinis should be stirred three times clockwise and three times anti-clockwise) but also the names. They're always so interesting and some practically beg to be illustrated, so of course I had to oblige!

Since this is the first I'm sharing I'll give you a hint, it was invented during spring break in Fort Launderdale, Florida, 1987.

Cryptic Cocktail #1.

Hopefully you have a chance to give it a taste, sometimes it's nice to pretend it's still summer while you're snug indoors.

See you again soon!

- Brie

Sherlock Penguin - Illustrations for CourSearch
17th of April

I've just finished up a project for a course search website called CourSearch (launching soon) and I'm excited to share the three illustrations they asked me to create to fit within their website. Once it's all launched I'll make sure I add it to my folio with screenshots, everything looks better in context!

I was asked to create something fun and lighthearted for the 404 error page, enquiry submission page, and maintenance page. After brainstorming for the error page I came up with the idea of a very lost penguin, which soon became a detective to suit the site.

Sherlock is pretty iconic so I had a lot of fun adding all the little details, such as his pipe, plus I couldn't resist the little red herring. Maybe I'm the only one that gets it, but I love the duel meaning of a fish/a false clue. Very Sherlock I think.

404 Error Page.

Enquiry Submission Page.

Maintenance Page.

Hope you enjoyed them, I'm very excited to see them online (though of course I hope the error and maintenance illustrations don't pop up too often!).

See you again soon!

- Brie

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
9th of April

I just thought I'd share one of the new projects I've been working on. UMMTA (That's the University of Melbourne Music Theatre Association) is putting on a production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying this season and they asked me to put together their promotional material. Once I've rounded up all the printed bits and pieces - there are some cute business cards that I'm looking foward to seeing - I'll pop them up, but in the meantime here's the poster and some of the illustration work. There's also going to be a background painted up to be used in one of the scenes, but I'm afraid that's still a work in progress. For the poster I was asked to create something quite geometric and clean with abstract elements. The cover photo was inspired by the song The Secretary Is Not A Toy and was meant to be a little more whimsical and playful.

Promotional Poster.

Facebook Cover Photo.

In the early concept stages I also played around with the idea of using geometric shapes to create the title. Unfortunately, due to the large amound of text it isn't incredibly legible and I do prefer the final version -but I think I'll have to use the typeface in another project as I do still love the result.

Original Concept for Title.

If anyone is interested in seeing the show you can find tickets for sale here. I've seen a sneak peek and it looks like it will be pretty amazing. See you again soon!

- Brie

2013 Diary
23rd of November

Hello world, I'm currently working on illustrations for a 2013 Diary for myself. And perhaps for others, if anyone shows any interest I'm happy to share. First though I thought I'd give a sneak peek of my illustration for January, 'Beached Whale'. I love playing with words and so that's the overiding theme. I'm currently working on "Snow Bunny".

Beached Whale.

I might share a couple more as I complete them, I'm hoping to have a finished diary by early December so that I can start getting organised for the new year. I did attempt using Google Calendar this year, and while it's a fantastic app/site and I love the share option, I think paper is still my favourite.

See you again soon!

- Brie

Attack of the Birthday Peeps from Outer Space
14th of September

So it turns out getting into the habit of blogging is rather tricky. But here goes post number two. I've been reasonably busy, been working on a poster for an upcoming Melbourne University production, as well as a logo for a new business. Plus some personal illustrations of course. Positive Posters closes up soon too, I'm playing around with something on the theme of homeless youths.

Thought I'd share a couple of pictures from our party too. I just decided to go the retro space route, I spent quite a lot of time constructing three rings to hang as my skirt. It made getting down our narrow corridor quite difficult but I think the result was worth it in the end.

We went all out decorating the house too, James, my partner, was in charge of colourful lighting and stringing up stars in the lounge, and I turned our kitchen into a spaceship. Our housemates even allowed me to keep the splashback for about a month.

So much fun can be had with cut paper.

And just because it's been so long, here's an illustration I was playing with yesterday. I learned how to make a (delicious) dirty martini recently, I think that was probably the inspiration.

After Five

See you soon! (I hope)

- Brie

Revamped Site
27th of June

Well I'm pretty excited, I've been intending to update my folio site for a while now and it's finally all finished. Almost, I don't know any php coding so my lovely boyfriend is setting up the back-end of this blog section for me. Once that's complete I'll transfer over all the posts from the old blog. Until that time I'll leave a link up.

This is kept me pretty busy but I do have one other project I've been working on. I'm having a joint birthday party this year and our theme is "Space". So I've made some invitations up as postcards with old science fiction films as my inspiration. Now I just have to finish off my costume!

Details were printed on the reverse-side of the postcard.

Until next time!

- Brie